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Empire State Realty Trust

In re Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. Investor Litig., No. 650607/2012 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)   Pomerantz LLP was a member of the team that litigated and settled In re Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. representing investors in a multitude of public and private commercial real estate interests against the long-term lessees/operators, the Malkin family and the Estate of Leona Helmsley, regarding a proposed consolidation, REIT formation, and subsequent IPO with New York’s iconic Empire State Building as centerpiece. The settlement, currently on appeal, achieved broad-based relief for the class, including a $55 million cash/securities settlement fund, a deal restructuring that generated a tax benefit estimated at $100 million, expansive remedial disclosures, and important deal protections.